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Two Questions


Hi I am trying to setup linux lite 2.0 on a spare machine to see how it will function as a server OS i have just done a fresh install and want to do the rest from my windows computer i am trying to connect using PuTTy but it won't connect i have used ifconfig to get the IP which is but PuTTy keeps rejecting the connection i have checked by running apt-get openssh-client and it says it is installed (i assume by default) but still won't connect I know it is connected though because i can browse to \\ using Windows Explorer and it shows the default LinuxLiteShare folder

It is connected via a ethernet cable into a 8 Port switch which the other computers is connected to also

Second Question

I have a wifi adapter i want to connect to it and use it to share an internet connection of my LAN in windows i am able to bridge the connections and share the internet recieved via that usb adapter over the network alongside my regular LAN shares how can i bridge a WIFI and Ethernet Connection together in linux lite


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