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Streaming from ftp server over LAN


First off let me say that, after hopping for the last 10 years, Lite has become my favorite distro for it's ease of use and simplistic beauty. I still run Puppy  though on occasion for sentimental reasons..(lol).
I am having an issue trying to stream videos from my ftp server ( Mac  OSX 10.5.8 ) on my Dell Inspiron Netbook running Linux Lite 1.0.6 32bit.
I have no problem streaming on my android devices but when I access the files in Lite, gnome player gives me this error message '' Couldn't open DVD device: /dev/dvd (No such file or directory)''.
VLC was suggested at one point on the Ubuntu forums but I had no success and it started looping and freezing my system. I could always download the files on the desktop with Filezilla and play them but that sort of defeats the purpose. A root file manager like Commander, A powerfull FTP client maybe...All suggestions are welcomed..THX.
Mac OS X G5 server 10.5.8
Dell mini Inspiron 9''
LinuxLite 1.0.6


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