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Repeated Authentification when trying a WiFi connection


I need help to establish a WiFi connection with my Lenovo ThinkPad x200s on Linux Lite.

All available WiFi networks are detected and I can click on my home network to connect to it. I'm then asked for the network authentication. After a few seconds of connecting the authentication window pops up again with the password already filled correctly. This loop repeats a few times before the whole process is aborted.

Useful Informations:

* on Windows the WiFi adapter works with every tested network
* I can successfully connect to the WiFi hotspot of my OnePlus 7 Pro
* various changes on my router didn't help (e.g. disabling 5GHz frequency, enabling 802.11b, choose shorter WiFi password without special characters, ...)
System Information:

* Lenovo ThinkPad x200s with Linux Lite 5.8 and stock BIOS
* CPU: Dual Core Intel Core2 Duo L9300
* Memory: 8GB
* Wifi Card: Intel WiFi Link 5300 (Full Size)
* Router: AVM FritzBox 7490 (in a WiFi Mesh with multiple FRITZ!Repeater 2400)
I'm not very experienced with Linux and kindly ask to provide required terminal commands for additional information to solve the problem.


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