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Remotely control an LL machine from Windows 10 on LAN

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okaaay thank you guuuysssss

Thanks for sharing this tutorial on how to install and configure Xrdp server on Ubuntu 20.04.


Should work fine. Don't forget the firewall(s) both of them and the ssl cert for xrdp and just use your Windows RDP client to connect.


If you want the gui remote option another option is TeamViewer - you can find it in Lite Software and download on Windows...

As for file sharing...
See the Manual - https://www.linuxliteos.com/manual/network.html#shares

Once you have shares set up; Windows will see those and you can map in Windows... You can share similarly from Windows to LL and mount that path...
- to access the share you can do without SSH/VNC/RDP....

You can set this up over SSH too; instead of "opening as admin" or using leaf/mouse pad... use sudo and either vi or nano...

But if you want to access those "locally" via remote ssh/vnc/rdp to the LL and 'cd' to it....

I use VNC to update or view print jobs... but also ssh too

I haven't found a totally satisfying solution yet, despite all your good advice, guys. I've tried SSH-ing with MobaXTerm and it works alright except I still don't know how to share the USB (and internal) drives with my Windows PC over the LAN.
When I right-click on the drive icons, I can't find an option to share their content, the way you do in Windows, and that's basically what I'm trying to achieve ultimately; remotely controlling LL from my Windows PC would be the icing on the cake, for sure, because it would allow me to, say, update LL when I have to without actually sitting in front of the LL PC, but push come to shove, all I have to do is get up and walk to the other room.

Accessing the content of the drives on the LL PC is the crux here, and I haven't yet found a way to do that.

I have installed and enabled xrdp and ssh-server via Terminal, I've also given NoMachines a try (worked yesterday, won't give me the time of day today, go figure), but nothing makes it as easy as firing up the old RDP on my HP and accessing the Lenovo if I have to.

To summarize, I'm trying to a) access the drives on the LL PC; and b) remotely-control the LL PC, all in one fell swoop. Can that be done, and if yes, how?


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