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Remotely control an LL machine from Windows 10 on LAN

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Hi everyone,
I'm sure this subject has been debated many times, here and elsewhere, but I need an easy, step-by-step procedure to implement it: I have installed LL (latest stable) on a Lenovo laptop, to act as file server.

Namely, I want to be able to access the content of the non-Linux part of the SSD (where a copy of Windows 10 is installed) and both USB hard drives connected to the Lenovo from another laptop, an HP, running Windows 10 from another room of the house.
I've heard of Remina and SSH and all that, but it's pretty obscure to me, especially considering that I'm used to Windows's Remote Desktop Protocol where everything is pretty straightforward.
So my question is, how can I remote-control my LL PC from a Windows 10 laptop the way I can using MS RDP? Which client and server should I use on both machines?

Install Remmina from Lite Software to use RDP. It's really quite simple.

Thanks for the quick reply, J! I'm not trying to access my W10 PC from LL, though; I'm trying to do the opposite: the LL PC will remain on most of the time and act as a file server because I installed LL on an aging Lenovo laptop with plenty of USB ports, whereas my shiny new HP laptop only offers 2 (USB A).

I'll plug the external HDD and SSD onto the Lenovo running LL and connect to it from the HP via RDP (or SSH if I have to, with MobaXTerm maybe).

Seems to me that Remmina is an RDP client for accessing remote Windows PCs, not a server program. Maybe I'm missing something here, though.


To access a LL from Windows - you're looking for VNC...
I have this set up for a headless LL system, I'm running my printer through but use vnc to access remotely for updates etc...

On Windows I use UltraVNC Viewer...

On LL I installed/set up as per the Help... https://www.linuxliteos.com/manual/network.html?q=vnc&x=0&y=0&per_page=7&matchtype=0#vnc

You can use SSH too if you like; for CLI interface, not graphical like VNC...
I too use this - Can install Putty or can use Powershell to connect... If anything, openssh-server may need to be installed... If so,

--- Quote ---sudo apt install openssh-server
--- End quote ---

Then in putty enter hostname or ip of LL box and log in when prompted...
In Powershell... enter:   

--- Code: ---ssh [email protected]/ip
--- End code ---
then you will be prompted for password

If not connecting check firewalls (both Win/LL) or turn both off to confirm and open as needed...

Thanks so much for the explanation! I'm used to VNC and, lately, Veyon which, if I'm not mistaken, is loosely based on VNC, but I've only used both in a Windows-on-Windows configuration, never with Linux thrown in the mix. I'm going to try what you suggest and I'll make sure to let you how it goes.  :045:


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