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Remotely control an LL machine from Windows 10 on LAN

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Install Remmina from Lite Software to use RDP. It's really quite simple.

Hi everyone,
I'm sure this subject has been debated many times, here and elsewhere, but I need an easy, step-by-step procedure to implement it: I have installed LL (latest stable) on a Lenovo laptop, to act as file server.

Namely, I want to be able to access the content of the non-Linux part of the SSD (where a copy of Windows 10 is installed) and both USB hard drives connected to the Lenovo from another laptop, an HP, running Windows 10 from another room of the house.
I've heard of Remina and SSH and all that, but it's pretty obscure to me, especially considering that I'm used to Windows's Remote Desktop Protocol where everything is pretty straightforward.
So my question is, how can I remote-control my LL PC from a Windows 10 laptop the way I can using MS RDP? Which client and server should I use on both machines?


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