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Ralink usb wifi issues

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LinuxLite user for some time now (got here from old location notice)

Replaced wireless usb from an Alfa - G ... which is Ralink to an Alfa N usb which is also Ralink...
(Ralink Technologies 802.11n usb wireless)

Windows 7 picked it up instantly but I have lost wireless with LL completely.

Don't know how to install these since the inintial LL installation took care of setting up the previous wifi configuration.

There is are 2 included Linux driver tar files one in a folder titled 3070 and the other in a folder titled 2770. No instructions included  :-\

Menu, System, Create System Report and attach to your next post please.

Okay -

[attachment deleted by admin, more than 25 days old]

Hmm, I don't know where that report came from, but as previously stated we need the one from Menu, System, Create System Report. It has much clearer info.

Hmmm... It is from there... Only thing I did was convert from HTML, which it was output as to txt


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