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Overview of Linux Lite re Bluetooth


Can anyone suggest a good book or articles to get a good overview of where Linux-Lite fits into the Linux System. and in particular for connecting the Bluetooth Adapter to Audio or Data .  I would like to understand what should be happening .

I have problem is with my Bluetooth Headset which connects OK to the Bluetooth adapter but the adapter cannot connect to Audio .  I have had good support from Rob without finding my problem. There appears to be a general problem in Ubuntu with pointing the audio to the correct sink . I understand that Lite uses Pulse Audio  and Blueman but from what I can see does not load Pulse Audio Bluetooth Module  . After loading the module I an no nearer.

I find Internet searches very confusing as there are so many different Linux distributions each with its own set of building blocks . It would simplify searching if I knew which posts in other forums are applicable to my search for Lite  . What might be helpful  is a simple block schematic diagram of were the various parts of Linux-Lite fit together . I find it very difficult to fault a problem when I do not understand what should be happening and why .



I just thought of another possibility. Have you tried uninstalling Pulse Audio and then  reinstalling it from the repositories?

I am going to try to pick up a USB Bluetooth adapter today, so I can try it on another laptop and see what happens...


Hi Colin23erk. I did a Google search on "Archlinux Bluetooth" and got this

The Arch wiki is a good resource. I'll admit up front I don't understand all the information but it's still a very good source.


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