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No Wi-Fi, getting disconnected after short time

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I have a laptop with dual boot win10/linuxlite 6.2 in it, it worked well for 4-5months now, but recently i've been experiencing frequent disconnections.
When linuxLite launches, i tap my password and i get on the desktop then the network connection appears where i must connect, if i click on the connect button it loops for a bit and then the connection window re-appears once more and it's like this forever. The only yhing that can get my wifi to work is by disabling and re-enabling my network and wifi, then i get to connect to my wifi but it only lasts for 15 seconds until the connection windows appears once more and i have no connection, and this scenario loops forever.

My Wi-Fi works well on win10 so it's not a hardware issue. Also i didn't change anything in the connection/network settings, it just stopped working out of nowhere.

Also what's more surprising is that i can connect to my Wi-Fi  if a share my Wi-Fi connection via my android phone, but it doesn't work if i connect directly to my wifi via my laptop...

Is there a way to reinitialise my network settings or maybe this is due to some recent update ?


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