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Network Manager applet weirdness - Lite 6.x


I'm seeing two somewhat different weird behaviours with the Network Manager applet in Lite 6.x:

* In a VirtualBox VM currently running 6.6: the NM applet reports no connection on login even though the network is connected and working.  The only way I've found to wake the NM applet up is to use
--- Code: ---nmtui
--- End code ---
to activate the connection.  The VM was installed as 6.2 and then upgraded directly to 6.6 but the issue was visible in 6.2 before the upgrade.[/li]

* On a Lenovo Ideapad 100S (-11IBY) currently running 6.6:  This laptop doesn't have a builtin ethernet interface so I normally connect via a USB ethernet or 4G dongle - if the USB dongle is present during boot the NM applet displays and correctly shows the connection state; if the dongle is plugged in after boot the NM applet won't display at all.  This one I think is at least related to me having disabled WiFi connections to save battery life.  It normally isn't much of a problem except if neither dongle is handy and I want to use WiFi as I haven't found a way to enable WiFi without plugging in a USB dongle  >:(.  The laptop was upgraded to 6.6 from 6.4; I don't recall when I disabled the WiFi.
I'm not seeing similar problems either in a Lite 5.x VM, a Lenovo Thinkpad X1 laptop (Yoga 2nd gen; has a builtin ethernet interface) or an Acer laptop with builtin ethernet interface running Lite 5.8.

Both issues are more cosmetic than anything, though the 2nd is disruptive on the rare occasions I want to use WiFi with that laptop.  I've tried to compare the configurations between the working and non-working instances and so far I've not found any difference that would lead to the first problem; as noted above I think the simple lack of any enabled interface leads to the 2nd but I think that it would be helpful if there was a way to configure the NM applet to stay up in the absence of same, unless Networking is actually disabled (and then it would be useful to have a convenient way to re-enable it and also to re-enable WiFi when that has been disabled and there's no builtin ethernet interface).

If the brains trust has any ideas that might alleviate these issues, I'm all ears...


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