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Need Help connecting WD MyCloud NAS to 5.8


Did not know the MyCloud had the write  inconsistencies in Linux. [size=78%]Ouch...[/size]

I was guessing it was a plugin Western Digital MyCloud drive which will not work consistently with direct writes from Linux. There is no particular simple "newbie" solution that I know of other than what I suggested using SSH.



Is this a NAS (Network Attached Storage) or an external drive (USB)...
If a NAS it likely has its own IP address that can be accessed from any device, I have a Synology NAS in this manner.
This may help:

If an external or another drive, depending where attached - it'll need to be Shared..
If wanting to share this 'folder(s)' from Linux - you'll need to configure Samba...
See here:

Do you have a Windows 10 computer on the network that can access the mycloud drive? If you're logged into it from Windows you can use SSH and SFTP from Linux to Windows 10 to passthrough to the drive, or even powershell from Linux, also though more resource hogging you can use RDP and samba at the same time.


Hi, would like to have MyCloud network disk, seen and availiable to my applications on my portables on the same network.

I have tried a few things from the UBUNTU world  but it always fail  or is abandoned by the script for too much errers.


Pierre :50:


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