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That didn't do anything different.


I've sent you a message.

This should be visible on the forum if you check 'My Messages' and a copy should have gone to your registered email address.

I am willing to continue but I do get very frustrated when my brain my brain just quits working.
Could you possibly copy and paste your suggestions and comments into an email client and send it to me that way I can get it and follow directions from there.

No need to apologise.  I understand it was awkward to be switching between Windows and Linux multiple times in order to try things out and report back.

I certainly don't think any of my time was wasted.  For what it is worth, I thought you were close to making your Linux Lite connection work again and if you want to keep going just let us know.

Good luck.

I apologize for this, I do appreciate your attempt to help me.
I have been using personal computers since 1980's but my brain, what's left of it, can't cope with this anymore.
I am just too confused to do anything more.  The fact that I can't make any sense of what is happening and why.
I am sorry I wasted your time.
The Internet is dead to me.  It could be a wonderful tool but it is not.  I still have a Windows partition that still works so I can send and receive email and look at the news that will be enough.
Anyway, thanks for the effort I appreciate it.


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