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Lost internet connection

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Does the system connect to the Internet using wireless while the ethernet cable is disconnected ?

To revert to DHCP, ideally you would undo any changes you made since it last worked using the ethernet cable.
If you don't know what changes you made, then the following steps may override them.

Click the network icon.
On a typical desktop, this is at the bottom right, near the clock but your desktop may be different.
Click 'Edit Connections'
You should see 'Ethernet' and 'Wi-Fi' and perhaps others.
Below 'Ethernet', you should see a named connection, typically  'Wired connection 1'
Highlight 'Wired connection 1', then click the cog icon.
On the window that opens, check that this is the interface you want to change.
Select the 'IPv4 Settings' tab
Click the 'Method' pull down and select 'Automatic (DHCP)', then save and exit out
You may need to reboot.

I have disconnected the ethernet cable. How do I revert to DHCP?


Please try reverting to DHCP on your ethernet connection.
Or if you have not messed with the wireless interface set up, disconnect the ethernet cable and see if you can connect.

Let me be clear.
I want the internet to be usable.
My concern is that I will loose the desktop I modified in trying to fix the internet problem.

Yes it is.


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