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Debugging by forum can be slow and a bit frustrating but it is not usually too difficult unless the network set up is complex.
If you know someone who is competent, local and trusted then getting them to take a look might be the best way to get up and running quickly.

--- Quote ---I'm not able to figure out how to get connected to the internet
--- End quote ---
We need to know what you are doing and what happens when you try.

One basic check is the status of the LEDs on the motherboard and the modem when the cable is plugged in at both ends.
What do the LEDs associated with the sockets you connect show ?  Check the documentation for the devices for details of what the LEDs mean. Off is usually not good, green/flashing usually indicates an active link. 

If the LEDs indicate the cable connection is good then

Click 'Menu' (usually in the bottom left corner)
Click the 'Internet' category on the left.
Click the 'Web Browser' option.
This should open a Web Browser (probably either Firefox or Chrome) which may download and display a web page
If it does  you are probably connected and can try browsing different web sites.

If something else happens we need to know what so that we can guide the next steps.

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I'm a noob and just started my old Linux computer for the second time today. My sister was in the hospital for over 4 months and I had to stop what I was doing after she went in.  She has also been in the nursing home for about 1 month now. I don't remember what all I tried to do with it. I'd like to get it connected to the internet. I have a cable from my motherboard to my modem I guess is what you call it and I'm not able to figure out how to get connected to the internet. The modem is an Motorola MT7711 if that helps. I don't know what version of Linux Lite I'm using though because I forgot to write it down. If it's going to be very difficult, maybe I'll take the desktop somewhere and have someone look at it. I'm 70 years old and not that good with computers.


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