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Help tried everything to get wifi working!

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Thanks for the replies guys, much appreciation, well my sis had to go back to Oregon on Sunday, so i only had the weekend to try and get Linux lite working on her laptop, everything was fine other than the wifi not working which was the main thing she needed.
I spend like 6 hr online trying everything i could find or read including the things posted here, and it still wouldn't see any networks.
I was so hoping it would have worked as i had hyped up Linux to her, since it worked great on my Dell 1525 i figured her laptop was even a little more modern that it would be perfect, she actually liked it a lot other than no wifi, i guess the wifi card in her laptop is know to not be great for Linux, of course my luck after hyping it up to her.
Anyway i just put win 7 back on for her and she got a virus got virus protection, it was all i could do.
If she visit again i'll try the wrapper for her wifi card i want to convert her darn it!
In all fairness i tried a few other Distros on it as well and all had the wifi problem  >:(
I will def stick around as Linux Lite works great on my stuff, and my Little bro wants to dabble in it so i'll help him install, and ill def make a donation.
Thanks, Lite 2.0 is really nice.


Worst case scenario, you may have to use the Windows driver via ndiswrapper. IIRC, somebody else here finally had to do that to get their wifi working...


Have you tried giving this a read: https://blogs.fsfe.org/stefan.a/2011/06/14/how_to_install_realtek_rtl8188ce_wifi_drivers_thinkpad_edge_13_on_ubuntu_natty_1104/
I know it's say's it's for the ThinkPad Edge but the application of the info should be about the same.

Thanks for replying Valtam, yes that was the first thing i tried to a T and was getting errors compiling, then i found another ubuntu site thread that showed how to not get the erros compiling, from what i could tell everthing was installed right, when i put the code in to see if it was using thoses drivers it said it was, but still would let me enable wifi  by clicking on the network icon but would never show any wifi networks, i honestly spent 6 hrs striaght on it google searching any combination of the wifi card and tried everything suggested :-[ and no luck, i can enable it but shows no networks.
Same laptop w win 7 works perfect, i so wanted to get my sister on linux lite but she needs wifi to work. :-[ she really liked the look and feel of the decktop and knowing she wouldn't get any viruses was a big plus to her.

Have you tried this? https://github.com/FreedomBen/rtl8188ce-linux-driver
Theres a full set of instructions there.


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