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Can't connect VPN

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Windows is Windows, it does things much differently. Ubuntu is similar to LL, we have the same 'genes' but we are still vastly different OS's. It may be a question of packages or newer software that is the difference. There are many things that we do, that Ubuntu doesn't do, and vice versa.

I coudld invest in  a new router, but it seems a bit OTT.
In any case, I' d like to figure out why it won' t work with Linuxlite even though I' ve got it working on Ubuntu and Windows computers without any trouble.

Do you use the VPN full-time? If so, doing it via your Router would be much better.

Hello, the provider is smartdnsproxy.com, which I have been using on Ubuntu for several years.
The installation instructions are here

Who is the provider of the VPN? Where are the instructions that you used?

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