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Can't connect to wifi I have been using before


1) Along with the "system freezing" problem I have been having with 5.4, I also sometimes can't connect to the wifi I have been using for years.  I have a modem in the room next to my office and I also have a hot spot on my desk, and sometimes LL will simply not connect to them.

(and occasionally LL will connect to the modem but still will not work)

2) Also - I have a TP-Link TL-WN725N usb adapter, and I don't think LL recognizes it.

This is a dual boot system, and Windows still connects to both easily and they both work well.



Regarding the TP-Link TL-WN725N nano USB dongle, I don't think it is supported under newer linux.  When I first put LL3.x on a HP laptop the internal wifi adapter wouldn't work so I took it out and bought a TL-WN725N USB adapter.  This worked under LL3.x and LL4.x but stopped when I changed the laptop to 5.x.  A few internet searches at the time couldn't find drivers for linux kernel above 4.4.3.

So I re-installed the original internal adapter and it is supported under 5.x. so the TP-Link USB adapter was put back in the box.

Never had anything like the irregular connection problem you describe though - sorry.

Thanks for the reply.

Personally I have been having nothing BUT problems since I upgraded from 4.x 


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