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Thank you all for the feedback and info and I will try it again on the system when I get some time. :)

I just installed 1.8 on a acer aspire 3000 and it do not even see my wireless.
I had to click connect to hidden and typed in my wireless name and password
and BAM it is connected.

But when I reboot/shutdown I have to do the same thing connect to hidden
wireless then it give a choice of a new one or the one I made. I choose the
one I made and it connects. I have it set to connect on auto but can not
figure it to connect automatic.

Just saying ;D


That happens with mine, also. Sounds like you're experiencing cross-channel interference from other routers nearby. This happens when several routers on the same frequency are in close proximity to each other.

If you have an Android phone, try installing WiFi Analyzer from the Play Store. This will tell you what the WiFi environment looks like in your immediate area.

Open a terminal window [CTRL-ALT-T] and type or copy/paste the following:

Here's the PPA. Again, in a terminal window, type or copy/paste the following:

--- Code: ---sudo add-apt-repository ppa:wseverin/ppa
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install iw linssid
--- End code ---

Hope this helps!


So here is some nuttiness to add to the mix. I saw a post on another Linux thread that stated you needed to install the firmware-b43-installer so I did that and rebooted. I then saw my wireless button finally light up and it shows wireless in the network properties. However, the weird pat is that I cannot see my WiFi router listed and there are only two available out of the several that are normally listed in our area. Is it possible the Broadcom is not receiving the signals well, like a weak receiver that could be adjusted by a setting? I feel we are close but not sure why I can see other routers further away from my house but not ours and it is not hidden.

Okay, so I had to install rfkill by using the AirLink USB and when I ran rfkill list it showed no on soft and hard. I then removed the AirLink and ran rfkill and it still showed no for both but when I presed the wireless button the hard showed blocked. At least I know the button works but when both show no block and the AirLink is not installed the network settings only show Wired network and no wireless. These Broadcom issues are a nuisance! I hope there is still an answer.


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