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Better Bluetooth in Linux Lite 4.x 18.04 Bionic


Von Kirkus:
Is someone going to be able to fix the bluetooth connection problems in an update? My headset will pair, then immediately disconnect. Problem didn't exist in previous version

If like me, you are experiencing flaky connections, bad file transfers, the following solution made everything work perfect!

Only use this if bad things are happening, most people should be fine, if it ain't broke...

Source - https://medium.com/@overcode/fixing-bluetooth-in-ubuntu-pop-os-18-04-d4b8dbf7ddd6

--- Code: ---sudo add-apt-repository ppa:bluetooth/bluez
--- End code ---

--- Code: ---sudo apt-get dist-upgrade
--- End code ---


Now, if you are also not seeing where files are coming into in Linux Lite, they were going into, /home/jerry/.cache/obexd rather than /home/jerry/Downloads.


--- Code: ---sudo leafpad /usr/share/dbus-1/services/org.bluez.obex.service
--- End code ---


--- Code: ---Exec=/usr/lib/bluetooth/obexd
--- End code ---


--- Code: ---Exec=/usr/lib/bluetooth/obexd -r /home/yourusernamehere/Downloads
--- End code ---

in my case:

--- Code: ---Exec=/usr/lib/bluetooth/obexd -r /home/jerry/Downloads
--- End code ---

Reboot, enjoy :)


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