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2.5GB ethernet on MSI B550M M/B not working


Better to use this - https://github.com/awesometic/realtek-r8125-dkms using the dkms method. That way you won't have to reinstall the driver everytime you get a new kernel. Either that or install the latest kernel from Lite Tweaks.

Many thanks Steve for a quick reply. Its:
* 5.4.0-91-genericSo I went ahead and downloaded and installed the Linux driver

The driver folder included a bash file and it installed with 1 warning

--- Code: ---             Warning: modules_install: missing 'System.map' file. Skipping depmod
--- End code ---
However it installed OK and I was able to access the internet.

But after doing a Linux update and rebooting the ethernet was lost. After another install and a reboot the ethernet was still accessible.

I've marked this solved. I've also submitted my setup to the LL database.


Not necessarily a direct correlation between kernel version numbers and Linux Lite version numbering.

To check your kernel version, open a terminal and enter

uname -r


************* Found a driver on the Realtek site. *************
It is     
              2.5G Ethernet LINUX driver r8125 for kernel up to 5.6     9.007.01     2021/11/17     87 KB 
Will this work? Has the LL 5.8 related to the kernel 5.8? In which case I presume a LL 5.6 should be installed?
Hi. Been using Linux Lite on an old laptop for some time for presentations and backing up my Rasp Pi. Works well. Thanks for making it.I thought I would try it on a new build MSI B550M. Installed latest LL 5.8 OK to a SSD but no internet connection. The MSI B550M has a RealtekŪ RTL8111H 2.5GB Ethernet. There are no Linux drivers on the MSI site. Is there a Linux driver for this, even at 1GB?
BTW, I booted with a tails-amd64-4.26 on a USB stick and that can connect to the internet, so the the hardware is working.

Thanks for reading.


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