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Tux on the Linux Lite feather [UPDATED]

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I'm a fan of Tux.  Friendly, approachable, yet somehow crisp and computer-y.  I think all Linux distros should, as a matter of branding, have him in their logos or icons.  Different distros would have him in different situations, holding different tools, doing different things, wearing different accessories, etc.  Or at the very least have the distro logo on his belly like a Care Bear.

Here's a link to an image I threw together of Tux sitting on the Linux Lite feather.  In it, Tux is apparently so light the feather can support him as it floats about.  What better way to convey not merely that this OS is light, as the feather on its own does, but also that this is a version of Linux, specifically, that is light?

Sorry to Jerry if this is sacrilege...

The link does not work.


--- Quote from: Jerry on October 13, 2016, 01:55:24 AM ---The link does not work.

--- End quote ---

Sorry - it should work now.

Very nice design, thanks for sharing, but would prefer Tux to be at least 50% smaller. I would like to use this as my desktop background for LL2.8 (LL3 does not work on my 9 year old P4 hardware). Maybe I can do some Gimp editing on Tux.  :)

Very nice Carney thanks for sharing.

I scaled it on the desktop to leave the lite-widget on the right.



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