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Hello all!  In an attempt to encourage more donations towards Linux Lite, I have made a few new forum badges.  They are nothing super special, pretty much just the default forum badge with donor, gold, or platinum added to them.  The donor badge is for anyone who has donated any money to Linux Lite before and the gold badge can be for anyone in the gold donors list or anyone who has heavily contributed on the forums and has a "Gold Level Poster" status.  Also, the platinum badge is for anyone who has a "Platinum Level Poster" status here on the forums.  Let me know what you all think!


Giving it a try


--- Quote from: rokytnji on February 21, 2016, 10:29:26 PM ---Giving it a try

--- End quote ---

Excellent!  However, I noticed there is a white border around the one you are using which is strange because I uploaded the images with a transparent background to Dropbox.  When I navigate to Dropbox using my Dropbox app, the images have the transparent background still, but when I right click > save as from the links I posted it downloads the images without the transparency.

EDIT: It looks like if you click on the options button in the upper right corner of the page and then select "Download" it saves the version of the image with the transparent background.

Got it done. Thanks for the instructions.


--- Quote from: rokytnji on February 22, 2016, 09:18:41 PM ---Got it done. Thanks for the instructions.

--- End quote ---

This is great to see, thank you!  I am just hoping this encourages more contributions, if even just a little.


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