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Modernizing Wallpaper and Symbol(s) (icons)


Hi @sanmayjoshi , would you mind making me a similar wallpaper in the following colors #D8D7D3 and #905B53? My Gimp skills are not so good and i would appreciate if you can make me something like this

Thank you for your kind reply and for taking note of my suggestion.
LL is indeed a beautiful OS and extremely scalable too! Its scalability is what makes it awesome! I agree.

Cheers :)


The 'look' in this Series is unlikely to change. The power and flexibility of Linux allows one to take an OS, and dress it up (or down) to their personal preference. Welcome to LL :)

Well, my color combinations are pretty dull... Any ideas...?

Artwork is released under CC BY-NC-SA 4.0.

Hello Everyone, :)

It's been a month(roughly) since I started using LL, and the experience has been more than awesome! LL is certainly a lot stable OS.
LL also looks quite good, but I think there may be some improvement in looks.
    1. The default wallpaper may be reconstructed as per some modern trends, which includes-flat, simple and sleek design and etc. (well, you get the point  ;) )
    2. The same may be said in case of symbol.

Any suggestions over the color combination to be used or to include some parts or images already designed or any general suggestion is whole-heartedly welcomed.


Edit: Thread for Flat wallpapers may be found here.


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