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--- Quote from: WestX64 on February 26, 2016, 12:30:50 PM ---...  Where do you usually look for your themes?

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I found BleuFear theme on the live DVD of Spatry's Cup of Linux version of Manjaro. I look at themes on various distros that I test drive but haven't found anything else I like better so I have been using BleuFear for a couple of years. The only theme that I found I liked even close was in Ubuntu Mate. Don't remember the name. It was a charcoal gray plus a silver window manager trim which makes a nice silver bar going back and forth when downloading, etc. :) Don't know if can be used in XFCE. There are some nice Mediterranean dark themes I tested in other distros but some things did not show up readable.

@Coastie, thanks for the links!  I've been playing around different Xfce themes now and there are a couple I seem to prefer. The one you linked to is nice and I also like Numix-Dark with the Numix-Circle icons.  Though, I've noticed that most of the themes I can find (particularly the ones on have not been updated in many many years...  Where do you usually look for your themes?

@Bukowskii, excellent recommendation in regards to the classic toolbar buttons!  You're right, the classic toolbar buttons make everything easier to see.  I am going to edit the original post and add in your suggestion for the buttons there. Thanks!

Great themes! I added Classic Toolbar Buttons to really make the buttons pop with these themes.

Thanks, I got the theme from Spatry's Cup of Linux edition of Manjaro It can also be found at The blue folders, etc. are GNOME-Brave which are in Synaptic.

Wow, from that snapshot, I really like that theme. I think I'll give BleuFear a try myself! Especially because LL doesn't supply a theme dark enough for my taste either out of the box.


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