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These are some icon pics I made from an existing icon already on my system.  Hopefully they will be usable for replacements for enable auto-login and disable auto-login icons. These are not technically icons, but should be able to be used as icons. They were saved as .png so they should have transparency around the borders.

If these are not what the team is looking for let me know and I might be able to come up with something better.   :)

Nice work in there avj .

Thanks,  just trying to help out where I can.  :)

I think it s being welcomed .

May I ask you a favour friend?

I use these images in my desktop menu as I try to avoid using the whisker menu.

I would like something colorful and similar to Windows icons so folk are already familiar with them.

No problem if I ask to much, time is the only thing one has of any value.

No pressure


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