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Thanks  bitsnpcs,  I was not really satisfied with the first set I made. This set seems to feel a little more contemporary, to me anyway.

Hello avj,

nice work on the icons.
Backgrounds being brighter than Faenza, and with gradients like LL splash.

The icons above were made to look like an icon from the Faenza icon theme that I believe comes with LL. I used a screen capture to get an image of the icon, because i didn't know where to find them on the system. The screen capture let me get a copy of the icon at approximately 48x48 pixels which I scaled up with gimp in order to have a 64x64 pixel representation of the original icon. Then I added the other parts of the icon to make it fit the idea of each program.
This is what the screen capture looks like before any changes.

The Faenza icon theme is licensed under GNU GPL v3 according to:
If you are uncomfortable with using the above icons, or if you like these better feel free to use them. These icons were made by me today,and are 100% my own work.

I incorporated misko's idea of color into the last two.


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Where did these icons originate from? We are certainly looking for a set of icons for LL, but they must be 100% original so we can make them our own :)

Glad you like them. It is always cool to be able to help.  :)


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