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--- Quote from: ukbrian on February 16, 2015, 05:06:09 PM ---
I would like something colorful and similar to Windows icons so folk are already familiar with them.

--- End quote ---

Those icons are already very much like ones found in windows, I don't think I can make them any better, sorry.

No problem avj thanks for taking the time to look and being honest, I'd love to improve them but let the big MS take on David about IP, all publicity is good publicity.

Did you look at Michael Spencer seems to be a well respected designer.

I reworked one of the icons and added it to my first post, I like the new one better than the original.

Thanks for sharing avj. I like this.

I've played with this a bit.  ;)

Maybe changing only the color of the background would be also look nice.

Glad you like them. It is always cool to be able to help.  :)


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