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Would you consider a default image software change in later versions off LL?

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Gimp is unlikely to be unseated as the default image editor. We offer Pinta in Lite Software for those who prefer a much simpler alternative.

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I've been using Gimp for a very long time now too, since my Windows XP days back then in 2000 and find it to be a great app. I'm not a graphics/artist "genious" whatsoever, if anything I'm the opposite, nonetheless I use Gimp for different purposes. I also like krita and pinta which looks a lot like MS paint tool and while not a "image viewer" per se, it might be a good valid option too for those looking for a friendly-familiar image manipulation tool, specially users coming from windows given his resemblance to Paint. 

I uninstall gimp and imagemajick and just fly with mtpaint on my installs. I am not very artistic.

To each their own.

Hi @Jerry

My question relates to image and image manipulations. I love GIMP for advanced image processing and graphic design. It's great, and I was using it even before switching to LL.

But if all the user is seeking to do is crop or resize via GUI, the default ImageMagick package is not very user-friendly. I mean, it can be done but it's frustrating to use. Sometimes I even do that via Gimp instead, just because the GUI is so much better with GIMP, but for cropping and resizing I don't need the full functionality and long load time that comes with GIMP.

Finally, I decided to browse the Synaptic package manager to install an alternative for simple image manipulations on my machine. I installed gThumb. It is so much faster to use in the GUI than ImageMagick. It's a lot more intuitive, and certainly more modern-looking.

In a side-by-side comparison, I definitely feel that newbies would find gThumb so much easier to use as a GUI than ImageMagick when seeking to resize or crop and then save the result to file. Would you please consider evaluating gThumb for possible use in a future version of the LL distro? If not, I understand - you are very busy. I do feel it would make a positive change though.


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