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Really, really wish I could help out on this but I don't have a UEFI computer.  Sorry.

Not a problem gold_finger, appreciate the reply :)

I wish I could help, but all of my hardware is too old.  It seems like a perfect chance to be part of a major step in bringing Linux Lite to more people who are using the newer versions of windows.

I have a UEFI computer ASUS GL551JM I can test on.
I have limited knowledge of UEFI, but am willing to learn and
offer my time to test and post results appropriately.
I am familiar with FTP. Ready to test !

Excellent. In the interests of keeping this as simple as possible, I would recommend you use a spare hard drive for these tests. If you want to use an existing hard drive already in your pc thats ok too, I just don't have the time to go through any hiccups you may encounter with existing data. We just need to concentrate on this UEFI thing only. If this ends up working on half a dozen different pc's or more, that's conformation enough for me. Cheers :)


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