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Translations are underway - Menu Entries


Şerban S.:
Hi, Jerry! :)

Thanks for the step forward! :)

I'll see if I can get up to the task! :)

Best regards! :)

The first phase of Translations has begun.

I've recently quit my full-time job and taken on a new job that is part time. This will allow me to contribute more time to this project  ;D

The easiest and less time demanding way to tackle translations, is to translate the Menu entries or .desktop files. This will address much of the feedback I have received to date about incomplete translation in the OS.

The root of the project is here - (Sign in or Sign up first).

From there, you can choose a Lite application and it's .desktop file and begin translating (you will need to register first and then request to join the Linux Lite Team).

Once you've done all that, the website is pretty intuitive. At some point, I'll get around to doing a full tutorial, but to be honest, from what I've seen in other projects, if you have performed translations before, you can work the other stuff out too.

A good place to start is the Lite Autologin or Lite Desktop projects. These already have all the languages in place, Lite Tweaks does not.
For me, adding just one new Lite application to Transiflex takes a long time, so you can imagine adding all of the Lite apps will take a very long time, but I will chip away at it and get them all up eventually.

Have fun translating!

Thank you :)


Quick tutorial:

- Register on the site (see above)

- Click on a Lite app on the left hand side:

- Click on Translate on the right side:

- Select a Language to translate to:

- You ONLY need to translate the Description. Please DO NOT translate anything else for the Menu entry files:

- To finish, click on Save Translation on the right.


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