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Software Replacement for Systemback?

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When we had the forum vote on restore point options, Timeshift did come in 2nd place...because I and one other person voted for it.  The other 12 votes went to Systemback ( 

I'll miss the Live System Creation option of Systemback, but if we have to abandon it, I'll adjust.

Installed Timeshift. But got a problem. It keeps telling me that my usb stick and harddrive both dont have a linux partition. But they both do. Not sure what the problem is but its not working for me :(

Found problem. The usb stick is faulty, after removing it from laptop all worked fine. The stick has found a new home in the bin.
Now going to look for a new external hard drive later today.

Installed from the Terminal to LL 3.6x64.

A nice gui.

Looking good.

Thanks Randomboy  :)


Created a Snapshop and then did a restore.......worked perfectly.

The restore was done in seconds........very fast.  :)

Thanks,@RandomBoy  looks good.

I would recommend everyone have a good look at the link @RandomBoy provided above and become familiar with it. This software is high on the replacement list for Systemback in Series 4.x


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