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New Firewall application and Lite Widget status

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I'm looking into UFW alternatives. I haven't found the UI for GUFW to be very user friendly. This is when I came across Firewalld.
It has a highly configurable interface, it uses iptables, and I found it very intuitive to use.
With point and click settings, we are definitely onto a winner.

On that note, would you folks who use it, or can think for others, find having a Firewall status on Lite Widget handy?
I remember a member suggesting it for Series 5.x but can't remember who it was so it isn't my idea, but I thought was a good one. Some indicative, reassuring message related to Security.

To recap:

- Would having a Firewall status on Lite Widget, be a good idea?
- What do you think of Firewalld replacing GUFW?

For testers:

--- Code: ---sudo apt-get remove --purge ufw
--- End code ---

--- Code: ---sudo apt-get install firewalld firewall-config
--- End code ---

Menu > Settings > Firewall


Firewall status in the widget is a great idea.

As far as GUFW I don't use it at all, or even instruct others how to use it anymore. I think the responses are confusing to new users and configuration is too slow. I do use and teach new LL users how to use UFW from the CLI which is very straightforward and easy to understand. Both Firewalld and GUFW are over thought/designed. A simple tutorial in the help manual for UFW not GUFW would be better. It is by far the simplest and least confusing to use for new LL networking users. A tiny bit of CLI is not bad for new users. This is one case where I feel a GUI application is not more intutive or safe for new users. Most Windows users don't know how to use the firewall properly for extended networking. 


I agree about being shown Firewall status. I also agree with the simple GUI is not so simple for new users. What about just a simple ON/OFF button. I am not going to get into the the table settings as that is a thread upon itself but I do think just something that is simple with moderate settings might be a solution. I think if a user needs more from the Firewall then they would learn about it or install a GUI for it.

Further to this, should Lite Widget be on the Desktop by default in all releases? I'm thinking of putting it in the 5.0 Rc and seeing what the feedback is like.


--- Quote from: Jerry on March 08, 2020, 07:25:11 PM ---Further to this, should Lite Widget be on the Desktop by default in all releases? I'm thinking of putting it in the 5.0 Rc and seeing what the feedback is like.

--- End quote ---

I like it and use it(the Widget), I've added "Network Strength" to mine for Wi-Fi... Maybe have firewall status - along the same lines of cpu/memory or inline with those.. I like "Updates" being predominant..

I think once firewall is enabled/set correctly its not called upon until needed... I've used firewalld/iptables in RHEL and derivatives but via command line...
A simple GUI (ugh almost Windows esk) with enable/disable -- maybe with the Home/Public/Office pre-configs ... then an advanced section to further tweak.. *Thinking along the line of windows refugees... Sure that would be dependent on the software available...

I'll load the firewalld GUI and take a closer look... :) Kudos Mr. Jerry - always on the look out !!! ;)


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