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New Firewall application and Lite Widget status

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I never play with the firewall rules for lack of knowledge. When it's ON, I never look back until the next install. If Jerry makes it easier to tweak and visible in the tray, fine! But it's not something I look for or need, to be honest. I see it as a -plus- for more advanced LL users and I'm OK with that.  It may get me interested into learning more!

I do and most definitely..

I will send it over after work  :)

Do you have the code for your work? If so, I'd like to see it please.


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Soooo I had to play a lil..
I like the added FW status - although I usually set it and forget it...

Still using UFW but added a quick n dirty - inline variable ... I do like the status color of yours...
Maybe a different perspective??



wee bump


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