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New Firewall application and Lite Widget status

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The widget is easy enough to turn on or off as a user prefers. I use it and the people I've turned on to Lite continue to leave it on their desktops. "On" by default would be fine.

I don't like the firewall status on the widget. As part of setting up a new installation, I make sure the firewall is turned on and leave it that way except in rare instances. I don't need or want that status on my desktop all the time. That said, I modify the widget anyway and can remove the status if included in future versions.

I don't use the widget.  I would not want it as a default.  Just my two cents.

Apparently I'm a little behind again, though I've been using nftables on Debian 10. Firewalld is about to become the default for the next release of Debian and iptables are being deprecated.

So Jerry once again your choice seems appropriate and timely.

Considering that the 5.x series will be XFCE perhaps an icon for firewall status; green for on, red for off, in the lower right panel would be better than the widget. Windows defender places an icon in the lower right corner system tray.


I'd opt for showing the status of the firewall. But conditional, meaning only showing it if it's turned OFF.
I use the Widget on all machines I install for others, however a customized one.


--- Quote from: Jerry on March 08, 2020, 07:25:11 PM ---Further to this, should Lite Widget be on the Desktop by default in all releases? I'm thinking of putting it in the 5.0 Rc and seeing what the feedback is like.

--- End quote ---

I like it and use it(the Widget), I've added "Network Strength" to mine for Wi-Fi... Maybe have firewall status - along the same lines of cpu/memory or inline with those.. I like "Updates" being predominant..

I think once firewall is enabled/set correctly its not called upon until needed... I've used firewalld/iptables in RHEL and derivatives but via command line...
A simple GUI (ugh almost Windows esk) with enable/disable -- maybe with the Home/Public/Office pre-configs ... then an advanced section to further tweak.. *Thinking along the line of windows refugees... Sure that would be dependent on the software available...

I'll load the firewalld GUI and take a closer look... :) Kudos Mr. Jerry - always on the look out !!! ;)


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