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Lite Widget - Suggestions welcomed


Do we need this? Other settings can be easily added to the 3 existing settings.

I like the simplicity of it...  :045:

Maybe a brief description... "Changing these values will adjust the Widgets location/placement on your desktop"  ??
and "Updates may reset settings to default, you will need to adjust accordingly"

Thoughts of a default button or a note defaults are xx xx - should they want to start over or set back....

Additionally .... and just a thought
And this maybe just me - but I have tweaked the size of mine on some lower res laptops.. *its been a while...
Perhaps the X/Y for those? Just a thought as those would be minimal steps, else wording could run off..

Any better?

 :004: :54: :bow

@Jerry  Looks good...

Now the base code is in place, let me know if folks want anything added (from the Lite Widget config) that you think is necessary.

P.S. everytime you run it, it creates a backup of your previous widget config.


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