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I like that welcome screen. Good job Valtam. :)
Those old systems can give you a headache. It's a bit tricky to install it on system that has a CD-ROM not working any more. Ploop boot helps but you have to find an old usb flash drive that can boot that old motherboard. If you can start MS-DOS to flash bios with that usb drive, you can boot ploop as well. I've installed linux mint on one old pc for my friend some time ago. I had one old PQI 128 MB flash :) ,  that helped. I've managed to boot up mint from the other flash drive, but I had to force ploop to use usb 1.1 mode. It was so slow, but I've installed it. :D

Not likely Dookus, in order to ensure that Linux Lite is available to as many people as possible, those with older systems that only have a cd drive and cannot boot from usb must have the cd option available to them to so they don't miss out on the experience of linux. This of course has the flow on effect of ensuring more computers don't end up at the dump, things like that. Cheers.

As more is added and as the distro is at 700M, is there a likely hood of releasing an iso with more that can be installed from a DVD?

I'm currently developing a Welcome Screen for the next version of Linux Lite. It is a fork of the Manjaro welcome screen, customized for Linux Lite. Here is a teaser of the work so far...


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