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Nice idea! :) One question, will this app include searching and downloading themes from the internet? Or it'll only install already downloaded themes? If it can indeed allow user searching and downloading themes from the internet that will be a really very nice feature  making this one a very usefull and time saving app. Otherwise, how is it any different from downloading and copying themes into our .themes folder? Don't get me wrong, whatever it does I think it's a great idea. I know it's still on an early developement but  I just want to know what features you have in mind to apply other than installing themes.



--- Quote from: elelme on November 08, 2018, 08:29:15 AM ---Will that be for Linux Lite 4.4 and following?

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Will that be for Linux Lite 4.4 and following?

I've looked all over the internet and cannot find an easy to use click and install GTK, Icon, Mouse and Wallpaper installer for XFCE.
So we're making one, the first! It's early days, but here's one day of development:

At the end of each choice, there will be a dialogue asking the user if they would like to apply the settings now.


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