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Great idea, it will help people new to a Linux a lot, and also be efficient for existing users.
It will be another way to show new users who are unfamiliar with Linux that LL is the best choice for their first Linux distro.

@bitsnpcs gets it. People have to have a different mindset when it comes to LL. The more we are understood correctly, the better we can reach people.
Read the first paragraph here -


--- Quote ---It's no easy task to maintain a 'download themes from the internet' type approach. You have to monitor every theme, imagine that. Links change, flies move on a site, it's a nightmare. Trust me, I've thought this through. The top button 'Browse Themes Website' takes the user to the correct supported link, XFCE Look where users can search for and download, well maintained, up to date themes.
--- End quote ---

I imagine it's not easy task to do that, however, I was thinking in something like that "browse themes site" feature you mentioned.

--- Quote ---Remember, this is for our target audience, Windows folk, not experienced users. Experienced users have established habits that we don't expect to change. This is still a 'time saving app', even though that's not the focus. Ask a person on the street who's never used linux before, what is the system path to the themes folder. Aha, now you see where I'm coming from.
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I know LL's primary target are these none Linux experience-windows convert users, actually I recently posted something on my facebook page regarding Linux, it is about what Linux Distro I think fits a specific type/group of users and I recommended LL for those who have never used Linux before and are currently on Windows and wish to make the switch, cause I learnt first hand while playing around with my LL VM just how foolproof LL is, making it  the perfect choice for those kind of users.

--- Quote ---Of course you understand there are different levels of knowledge when it comes to themeing in Linux? Given this OS targets new folk to linux, not existing users, every application we write is for them. Lite Themes is no exception. This also installs themes globally so everyone on the same pc, has the option to use a theme.
--- End quote ---

Yes, I understand this but since LL is such a nice well polished distro which regardless of being created and customized with new windows convert users mainly in mind, is also a good choice for those who are "experienced" Linux users. Anyway, like I said before it is a great idea and I wish you the best of lucks with it and hope to be of any help whenever I can. :)



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