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Coming along nicely, lots and lots (and lots) of typing, over 70 Countries supported. Larger Countries will have more than one choice, eg. United Kingdom
Aiming for this to be in 3.4 (time permitting)

good idea Jerry,

depends on the load, sometimes it's hotter somewhere else if you're not hardwired.

Thanks Scott. I'm just testing the water with Lite Sources. Not sure where or when it will turn up at this stage.

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Hi Jerry

I think this is great.

Maybe the title could be changed from "Select Repository Source" to "This Will Select the Fastest Repository Source" (or something similar) as another insurance to eliminate confusion/clarify for the new customers. Just a thought though.

Great work. I *really* like how LL 3.2 is shaping up.

Great stuff, Jerry! Country selector as well as menu entry.


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