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Şerban S.:

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I hate having icons on the desktop. It looks to me like being clogged, clumsy.
Still, I like the App! :)
Maybe, adding the tabbed option "Placement", will do the trick? On this tab, there might be "Default" = Desktop and "Custom" = "Choose placement..." (the container for the button) on a button. The button then triggers a small window, containing a ComboBox. You can add in the ComboBox then, the list of containers that are capable of hosting an Action Button and are available in the current configuration.
Anyone can place the buttons where they find them more comfortably to reach. "Panel X" would be an obvious choice (I already have two Panels).
This is just an idea of taking the App further. And it fits nicely in the Control Panel Window! :D

Best regards! :)



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