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A few weeks ago, I made an announcement on our social media pages that we were working on a new innovation.
Well I'm really excited to announce the first 'beta' version of our newest addition to our software.

Introducing Lite Info.

The purpose of the Linux Info, is to give people an idea of different computer configurations from within a Linux Lite Series. The Linux Lite Hardware Database displays Make and Model, CPU, Graphics, Audio, Network and Storage technical specifications. This provides a snapshot of the kind of computers people are able to use with Linux Lite.

This replaces the existing Hardware Database webpage.

New page:

Our software uses inxi to collect hardware information, which is then uploaded to the Linux Lite Hardware Database.
We hired a developer thanks to your ongoing contributions to handle all the web programming side of things. We're at the stage we're we'd like to release this for public testing.

Here's the process:

1. Run the tool via, Menu, System, Share Hardware Configuration.
2. Follow the prompts, takes about 20 seconds or less.
3. At the end of the prompts, you'll be offered to load the Hardware web page. Your submission will take between 15 - 60 mins to appear on the page, (depending on the number of submissions in the upload queue).

This provides much more accurate information and completely automates the entire process from beginning to end.

For this to be a success before going public with the final, we need testers. If we can get the kind of participation in this test that we did in the UEFI test, this would help to ensure the success of this application.

Download 32bit:
Download 64bit:

Thank you :)

Hi Jerry,

1. I can't see RAM information. Isn't "memory" on the intro page of the software tool referring to that? I consider it a lot more helpful than hard drive size.

2. The usage of the hard drive(s) shouldn't be collected and published. Doesn't feel right in regard to privacy. And has nothing to do with hardware compatibility.

Hope that people find this kind of database useful and all the effort you guys have put in pays off. :)

Did install it and did run the program. Made a misstake at the end where you need to choose the webbrowser you want the page to be loaded in, resulting in getting an error that the browser could not be found. So you will get several uploads from me..sorry about that.

Agree upon the Ram info.
The usage of the harddrive isnt a problem..cant see what that has to do with privacy. Notting privat being posted, just how much of the harddrive is used. Not an issue for me here.


Hope it helps.   :) :)


Very Nice,
Well I run it on 2 PC's to start with, hopefully useful.
(Couple of Intel Atoms)

Would be good if it could incorporate a "Bootchart"
so people could compare results for similar Hardware.


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