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Wonderful! Again, thanks, Jerry.

Another great addition to Linuxlite...... :)

Very useful Thanks :)

Great addition.

The online Help Manual is now search-able.

There has been a ton of work on this behind the scenes, and I can say I'm pretty happy with the end result.

The best way to search for results is to use one word, using phrases will not be as effective as a one word search.


If I search for the word ext4

which returns:

If I search using the phrase how do I format using ext4

which returns:

Phrases do work, but they have to match exactly what is written in the Help Manual eg.

dual boot with Linux Lite

which returns:

There is no search-able offline system. This is not being ruled out yet.

Please help spread the word about this, and remember to mention it in Support threads.

Let me know how it all goes. I hope you all get something out of using it :)


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