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Thanks for the update on progress, it is looking very nice, the style match the manual well.
It will be a really useful addition :)

We're getting closer...

Okay I understand not hotkeys. :)

For a button image mapping of coordinate work in html, I mapped acupuncture doll points and meridians with many 100's of links, to keywords, html pages or specific titles or paragraphs on a page.
I am not sure how they would set coordinates to a result without using adapting of the script, otherwise it would not be useful as it will need each one done manually for all of the manual, and of a database of the keywords, I am not really sure how to.
It was just an thought/ idea, thank you for having patience with me  :)

can't say for others, but here below

Like I said, I don't think you can do that with html. Those hotkeys are hardcoded into the Browser software itself. I'd say it may only be possible with a browser extension.


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