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This software is no longer a part of LL. I am working on a separate application but it is some time away yet. Thread closed.

There is a way to install in LL 3.2?? I tried the install method by apt-get in first post but it didnīt work... (and I'm a noob on linux world).

thanks for help


A mere slip of a lad  ;D ;D
I think somewhat quicker than me  :(   :(

@Wirezfree, this is on the list of features to add. I had never intended for this when creating it. And it'll take some consideration before I can do it. Plus I'm getting old... shaggy is now 30... not as fast as I once was lol.


On the LLCC ~ Desktop Tab, not sure if it's possible.??
To save some screen space, make it less busy.

Instead of having 2 items, like "Add Computer Icon" and then "Remove Computer Icon"
Could it be a "Toggle" function, "Tap to Add", "Tap to Remove"

Just a thought...


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