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Lite Backup - Suggestions welcomed LOCKED LL now uses Deja Dup

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--- Quote from: sonic on September 23, 2014, 09:35:06 AM ---May I ask what will be the "backup"? I mean just a copy from the source we choose to a destination that we also choose?

--- End quote ---

Yet to be decided, either a pop up window that lets you choose a device or a default location eg. /home/user/backups, or possibly both.

One backup item that always seems to get overlooked is browser bookmarks. I have no idea how that could be incorporated but I think it would be a good one.

I like that one Scott, thank you.


Please consider the following
- Add Gimp file formats to Pictures list
- Add Excel binary formats (.xlsb, etc.) to Documents list
- Add an option to backup installed application list
- Backup entire FF/Chrome profiles, not just bookmarks (there may be multiple profiles with various addons)
- Add an option to backup Email (thunderbird)

Question: Won't the Home Folder (hidden files) overlap the Documents/etc. folders? (I'm thinking of .mozilla, .chrome, etc.)


Lite Backup might be good for someone coming from Windows but may not for someone coming from a different distro or earlier version of Linux Lite to Linux Lite 2.0.

I use Deja Dup. It is the simplest backup that I have found. Using it would enable someone coming from a different distro or earlier version of LL already using Deja Dup to restore a backup into LL 2.0 once Deja Dup is installed in LL 2.0.

(Being paranoid after losing a backup before  :'(, I also save the files individually I need before doing a distro install.)


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