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I like this.  :) It will be a great addition to LL.
It would be nice if there was an option to select individual files for backup. Maybe file selection dialog can be used for this.

The next addition to the Lite software family will be Lite Backup.

Most of the back up solutions available for linux that I have tried either have a steep learning curve, confusing interface or they miss files and folders during the process.
Lite Backup looks to simplify the way we perform backups buy focusing on file types as opposed to entire directories. If you're new to linux and you can't remember where all your pictures are, Lite Backup will search your computer and combine them all into one backup. There will also be a restore process included.

This is likely to be the most complex of our packages to create, so it will be a while before it is available to use.

We welcome your suggestions and ideas. The following screenshot is just a mock up, there is no working code yet. Once I have completed the first working backup type, the code will be made public.


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