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Not yet finished as of writing this post:

Changes for 1.0-0040:
- Updated copyright year, removed old unneed info.
- Increased window width to fit in some longer group names.
- Allow Groups and Groups ID columns to be clickable and display groups in use.
- General code clean up and maintence.

But you can all visit the changelog here there is no amazing leaps and feature changes. Just making sure the code remains functional and clean. Any other big changes will be mentioned in the changelog in the future.

Sorry about that folks, you can remove that repo from your sources. I'm preparing new packages and a new repo for 2.0 at the moment so I'm dropping that vps. Just use the git source for now if you want to carry on testing, otherwise the current version is fine.


Same here. For the time being, I have it commented out in etc/apt/sources.list...


Hi Valtam.

Just checking if the following repo is active:

deb /

it's been timing out lately on my end.


--- Quote from: Scott(0) on March 28, 2014, 02:13:20 AM ---This updated lite-user-manager looks great. I really appreciate how groups are now sorted alphabetically. Thanks for all the hard work.  :)

--- End quote ---

You're welcome :)


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