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thanks for that update I still use the original remastersys, but will look that one up.


yes i used remastersys for a long time but then had issues so now i use systemback and all is the way i like your name as i heat with wood here in vermont and i dont know if it will end this year

Love remastersys!


i am new to Linux-Lite but am very impressed at this point,i install many dif distros to see what i can tweak and still have it far all is great i have updated and remastered and am soon to try out my HTPC software ,Minitube,Kodi and others.i offer iso's
to try if interested intel and nvidia all tools to build are left in place to learn from.
i will work on one to play quakelive from soon...
i do have quakelive ready now and seems to work very well if anybody wants to try it out you need a quakelive acct even a free one will work iso will be ready to share later today.let me know very cool stuff...


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