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Fully understand, Jerry. Have definitely the same tendency. But obviously with exceptions :)
And Betterbird is one of them. Really worth looking into it, not only from a technical point of view but also who's behind that project and why (spoiler alert: the former Thunderbird maintainer).

But also understand that 'email client' is only one of many, many boxes to tick off on your never ending list of tasks creating/maintaining Linux Lite. And in that respect choosing the well established Thunderbird means less work.

--- Quote from: Jerry on March 12, 2024, 12:58:31 AM ---Haven't heard of Betterbird, tend to stay away from the lesser knowns.

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Thanks Trinidad. Always valuable to get your detailed, highly experienced take on certain topics.

I haven't checked Evolution for some time, so can't really compare to Thunderbird/Betterbird. Is your conclusion based on comparison with the 102 or 115 Thunderbird series? I take that 115 has been a huge overhaul.

Obviously there are many factors to be taking into account when choosing software. If someone cares about privacy (and sadly that meanwhile needs to be extended to a human and free society), it's beyond me to consider products from Microsoft, Google and the likes that are caught up in a massive conflict of interest and have stepped up their game of censorship, manipulation & control to a frightening level.
I do understand the reasons to offer Chrome or even Edge specifically in Linux Lite with its target audience. But one of the first educational steps I take with someone going down the Linux (Lite) path is providing information about these products and the companies behind them - and offering alternatives of course.

Haven't heard of Betterbird, tend to stay away from the lesser knowns.

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Hello @LL-user  Good to hear from you again. As much as Betterbird seems to improve on the little irritations of Thunderbird I'm not sure that it would suit the stability requirements of Linux Lite. Currently Evolution is the best Linux mail client out there... however I'm not sure the Linux Lite development team would want to deal with the gnome integrations on an XFCE DE distro. I highly recommend Evolution as it has stepped to the front now... but again Microsoft has thrown their own new roadblocks in the way to prevent its proper integration with Windows code. The email client world of Microsoft and MSOffice is still vastly larger than the Linux world and so it is still in their interest to make it difficult for Linux email clients to run in Windows otherwise Evolution would already have a Windows version.

On another note I cling to Firefox simply because I can still run BASH scripts from it to deal more easily with restful APIs and UNIX downloads and file sorting scripts. It is too annoying to be forced to learn how to script Chrome to do the same things. User functionality is often a casualty of security changes but the base browser build was always a lazy idea with Chrome (argued as being more secure by the way). Given that Mozilla itself may be wheezing for breath it's probably time for gnome to step up to the plate with a real modern web browser using the Firefox base...  though that remains to be seen. (Cachy or LibreWolf might have promise) In the meantime I will still use the Mozilla PPA.Just my opinions which don't matter much, and as a disclaimer, I don't use email clients at all except Evolution on Debian gnome, and I don't use Samba preferring SSH, and MS Edge dev is actually better and more full featured than Chrome.



--- Quote from: Jerry on March 09, 2024, 07:25:01 PM ---Given that Thunderbird is going to be a snap, we'll add the Mozilla repo so people can get debs of both.

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Hi Jerry,
What's your take on replacing Thunderbird with Betterbird?
"Betterbird is a fine-tuned version of Mozilla Thunderbird, Thunderbird on steroids, if you will."


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