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ClamAV gui, there should be a thread on these forums about it. Take a look, tell me what you think. It's very basic.

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Given that Thunderbird is going to be a snap, we'll add the Mozilla repo so people can get debs of both.

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Looking forward to 7.0, I've been running the 5.x series and it has been flawless which is why I have been hesitant to reload but the time is coming.

Nice to haves are:

Gui for Clam AV as someone else mentioned.

Built-in VPN client that can be enabled, currently I use Windscribe which has a very nice GUI for Linux.

Some recent developments prompt me to request consideration of having native Firefox in Lite Software rather than snap based Firefox which has some annoying usability warts (file uploads in particular often don't work).

* Mozilla announced support for .deb packages
* Google have announced the first AI "helpers" in Chrome
Apart from the problems with the snap based Firefox, if I can avoid it I really don't want Google "helping" me any more than I enjoyed Microsoft's various "helpful" bits of tooling when I had to run Windows 10 at work (now retired so no Win 10+ in my fleet).  While the Chome changes are only for Windows and Macos so far, and so far only "experimental" and opt-in, Google have form in spreading such contagion and making it difficult to opt out of.


--- Quote ---Would like to do a core version too.
--- End quote ---
Would love that coupled with OEM install, even one that I had to pay for.



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